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online vet for cats dogs horses birds alpacas sheep cows rabbits
online vet for cats dogs horses birds alpacas sheep cows rabbits

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  • Fill out a questionnaire so that our vets can answer your question.
  • Get a reply within 12 hours (usually within 1-2hrs)
  • 24/7 Service, 365 days of the year.
  • Not suitable for emergencies.
  • Scripts not provided. 

Easy access to pet scripts when you need them fast.



  • Australian residents only.
  • Scripts will be provided in accordance with the Veterinary Practitioners Code of Professional Conduct. 
  • Ask your regular vet to forward animal's history and permission to prescribe to us. 
  • Requires an In-depth consult @ $49.95. 
  • Veterinary discretion applies*.
  • Any animal - cats, dogs, horses etc

*Prescriptions are only available for Australian residents with conditions. Please contact us before purchasing to ensure that a script can be supplied. 

Who Are We?

Dr Leigh from Your Vet Online

Hi! I'm Dr Leigh the founder of Your Vet Online. I get how frustrating it can be if you have a problem with your pet or horse and either:

  • You can't physically get to a vet;
  • You aren't sure whether you need a physical exam;
  • You don't trust Dr Google;
  • You want expert advice and FAST;
  • You would like a second opinion

Here at YVO we have a team of experienced vets that really love helping you. 

So if this sounds like you, get in touch and either myself or one of our other veterinarians will help you out immediately. 

All the best, 

Dr Leigh xx

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Is Your Pet Insured?

Your pet insurance policy may cover this online consultation. Terms, conditions and exclusions apply. This is general information only. Please consider the Combined Product Disclosure Statement, Policy Terms and Conditions and Financial Services Guide in deciding whether to acquire or continue to hold any pet insurance policy. Please alert our vets at the beginning of your consult if you wish to claim via insurance. 

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