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Pet Scripts when you need them fast

Sometimes your pet or horse runs out of medication and you need a prescription. We can help. 

Due to Australian Law our service requires your animal to have had an 'in-person' consult for the problem you'd like the script for. 

Your vet must also provide us with your animal's vet record and a directive to write a script. If they are unwilling to do this, we cannot legally write a script. 

You must also have a consult with one of our veterinarians prior to requesting a script. They may advise you that they are unable to write a script.  Please book a consult first. 

In Your Pocket Vet Care  

Talking to a vet online and getting immediate advice and treatment plans is as simple as pulling your phone from your pocket. 

We understand just how distressing it can be when your pet or horse gets sick or has an accident. That's why we wanted to provide you the ability to talk to a vet when and where you needed it most. 

Rather than stressing yourself and your animals, our vets can determine what is wrong and plan for the best care.
No waiting times - get immediate advice and treatment.

Affordable prices - up to $160 less than a visit to emergency. 

Guided examinations and history - we can use video to see what's going on. 

No guessing - our vets beat Dr Google every time.

The Best Care You Can Get

Best Patient Comfort

Trust and safety form the basis of our approach - we want this to be a stress-free experience for you and your pet/horse.

Australian Registered Vets

Only Australian registered vets for your peace of mind. You are talking to real people!

In-Depth Treatment Plans

Our online vets provide treatment plans to help you to help your pet or horse.

High End Treatment

We offer fair professional veterinary advice at an affordable price, saving up to $160. 

Our Fields of Care

  • Dogs
  • Horses
  • Cats
  • Emergency vet care 24/7
  • Illness and accidents
  • Poisoning and toxicity
  • Second opinions
  • Preventative healthcare
  • Behaviour & nutrition

What Our Clients Have to Say

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Our Team 

Your Vet Online was developed by Dr Leigh Davidson BVSc, BApplSc in 2015 with a goal to assist pet and horse owners to have access to affordable low cost vet care when and where they need it most. The chief operations manager is Mordecai who works hard to ensure that all animals have a voice and the vets are whipped into shape.  

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Chief Operations Manager

Talk To A Vet Today

There is no need to stress trying to find answers any more. Our vets are ready and waiting to discuss your concerns and provide a solution and treatment as required.
Book your consult, or order a script now. 

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